Lou Bradley 
About Me

I am the artist, singer song writer Lou Bradley. I am a girl, in case the name threw you. I was born in Avalon Sydney, Australia and moved to the hills of Mullumbimby on the far north coast of NSW in 2000 after my sister died. 

I have played music forever. My earliest memory of performing is when i was four years old, singing Marcia Hines songs into a cigarette lighter to a bunch of drunk English men on a train. I left home when i was 15. I moved to Redfern Sydney with my fellow band members at the time and we played in every pub on every corner of Sydney. I was the only girl in the band and was always snuck in until it was time to go on stage.

Moving right along….I now have a family ( I married the guitarist in my band ). I started writing songs when we moved to Mullum and when i had 6 good ones, I recorded an EP at a local studio in Byron Bay. Just after I had finished the EP I saw in the paper that John Butler was starting a grant offering funds for original music - the JB Seed. I decided to enter, and was lucky enough to be accepted. He gave me money to tour the NT. It was so awesome. JB is my friend to this day!

So I decided to take this all a little more seriously and recorded a full length album. I think my first inroads to the country music scene come from someone telling me that i sounded like a country music singer at a cafe in Mullumbimby that I was singing at..  I was told by a radio DJ that my music sounded like The Carter Family... old time country sounding. I only had ever heard of Dolly Parton in the country world but figured they must know what they're talking about.   I wrote a whole bunch of  mountain songs, because I lived in the  mountains and that's  how they came out,  and went and found a producer that was good. I recorded my debut album Love Someone  produced by Rod McCormack

For some miraculous reason, it was nominated for an ARIA.  I have had fantastic reviews for all of my work so far from major newspapers and mags…… I still don't believe it as I write this!

Since then, I have released 3 other albums.  My second album, La La La Not Listening was produced by  Shane Nicholson and my most recent one that I have released in 2014, The Other Side produced by Anthony Lycenko. The Other Side is perhaps the the other side of my usual work....Nothing old time country about it really...I think it comes from my city girl influences and my love of songwriters like Lennon McCartney and Carole King.

My latest album is Moonshine. It is a completely live album recorded and produced by Bill Chambers at Bill Chambers' house with Bill Chambers, Phillip Chaffer and me sitting in a circle playing my songs. That's it. No edits, no overdubs and no bullshit!

So this is me. I'm back to grass roots.   I  believe that my songs make people feel good. They are honest and melodic . I think that is all that matters in songs.

So if you are into music in that way then please listen and enjoy……Lou x

                          Lou Bradley.

Coorabell Hall, with Andrew Morriss, Phillip Chaffer and Jimmy Dowling.